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How to remember to take NOVOS

best anti aging supplements on the market

It’s not always easy to remember taking a sachet every day. Here are some simple tips to make sure you don’t forget.

1. Make it a habit. Take NOVOS at specific moments, like with or after your breakfast. Or, add NOVOS to your daily routine drink, like to your habitual morning tea or yoghurt. Or, use NOVOS Core’s orange flavor as a replacement for orange juice.

2. Add a reminder. Use your smartphone to set a daily recurring alarm or mark it on your calendar as a recurring appointment.

3. Get an accountibuddy! That’s a buddy who makes you accountable for taking NOVOS. They can be your partner, a friend, co-worker or anyone who can help you to remember. Ideally, that buddy also takes NOVOS, so you can remind each other. 

4. Piggyback another habit. Couple taking NOVOS to another daily habit, like adding it to your daily smoothie, or as part of your lunch. Put NOVOS next to another product that you use daily, like your morning coffee or tea, other supplements you take regularly, or even your hair or skincare products.

5. Display NOVOS. Place the NOVOS package in a prominent location, like on your kitchen table, countertop or office desk, so you’re easily reminded.

6. Keep an extra pack in your bag. You might intend to take NOVOS Core in the morning, but you’re in a rush and lose track. Keep one or two backup packs in your bag, purse or desk, for those times that you remember just a little too late.

And remember: we are what we repeatedly do. Whether it’s taking NOVOS or adhering to other good habits.

To quote Aristotle, “excellence is an art won by training and habituation”.

We bow to that! 


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best anti aging supplements on the market best anti aging supplements on the market
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