NOVOS Founders’ Longevity Q&A March 2022

Full Transcript Grace: Welcome everyone! My name is Grace De Leon associate brand manager at NOVOS. I’ll be your host for today. As we all enter, I would really love to know where everyone is coming from. Feel free to type in the chat box where you are in the world. We’ve got a global […]

Study: NOVOS’ Ingredients Support Healthy DNA and Modify Senescent Cells

NOVOS, a company that develops science-based products to slow down aging, announced results of two studies demonstrating that the combination of ingredients in its products, NOVOS Core and NOVOS Boost, protect against DNA damage and cellular aging (senescence) (LINK) A study found that a combination of the 12 ingredients in NOVOS Core and the nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) in NOVOS Boost significantly […]

How The Anti-Aging Supplement NOVOS Core Can Also Improve Energy

Energy is the currency of life. It’s the spice of existence. If you have lots of energy, you feel better, can get so many more things done and make the most out of life. At NOVOS, we want your energy levels to be optimal. Various substances in NOVOS Core improve energy metabolism: 1. Calcium alpha-ketoglutarate […]

How To Lower Your Cholesterol, The Science-Based Way

Your cholesterol is too high. What now?  First, know that your cholesterol levels are not everything.  Many other things can increase your risk of heart disease besides “high cholesterol”, such as inflammation, crosslinking in your arteries, mitochondrial dysfunction, an unhealthy epigenome, micronutrient deficiencies, and so on.  Luckily, the tips we provide here will not only […]

The Real Science Behind NMN Supplements

NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) is often touted as a supplement to slow down and even reverse aging.  But what is the science behind these claims? Can NMN really slow down aging?  And should we combine NMN with other anti-aging supplements?  Let’s dive deeper into NMN, aging and health.  The science behind NMN NMN is a substance […]

The Anti-Aging Supplements David Sinclair Takes

David Sinclair is a professor at Harvard University who has been studying aging for the better part of his academic career. Dr. David Sinclair’s main research interest is the epigenetics of aging, with a focus on epigenetic reprogramming of aging (e.g. reversing aging via Yamanaka factors), NAD+ metabolism and sirtuins, and NAD+ precursors like NR […]

Why NOVOS Does NOT Contain These “Anti-Aging” Ingredients

We are often asked why we didn’t include specific “anti-aging” ingredients in NOVOS’ longevity formulations. For example, why didn’t we include quercetin, nicotinamide riboside (NR), astragalus or EGCG in NOVOS Core or Boost? There are various reasons why we don’t include certain ingredients in our formulations. First, there are stringent requirements that must be met […]

MIB-626, A Novel Better NMN Variant?

What is MIB-626?  MIB-626 is a form of NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) developed by MetroBiotech. It is the same molecule as NMN, except it is in a microcrystalline form compared to NMN’s regular form (learn more about NMN and longevity here).   This means the NMN molecules are stacked together more orderly. Crystals are known for […]

The Science Behind NOVOS

This page contains the science behind NOVOS. It consists of 5 parts:  1. The scientific rationale behind NOVOSOur thoughts behind developing science-based longevity nutraceuticals 2. A brief description of the health and longevity effects of NOVOS’ ingredientsDownload our little guidebook about our ingredients 3. Selection of representative studies of NOVOS ingredients  Exemplary studies behind each ingredient […]

The NOVOS Ultimate Longevity Regimen

What are the best supplements, diets and other interventions to slow down aging, and to live longer and healthier?  We listed them all here.  Why is this longevity regimen important?  1. Official recommendations often fall short As we discussed before, people often need higher amounts of vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients than what official government […]

Why High-Animal Protein (Carnivore) Diets Accelerate Aging

  We have an ambitious goal.  In this article we want to settle the animal-based versus plant-based diet debate.  We understand why many carnivore diet fans have strong opinions about plant-based diets, and why plant-based dieters sometimes vehemently oppose meat-based diets. Both have some good points. And some bad points.  It’s remarkable, but also understandable, […]

David Sinclair’s Longevity and Biohacking Routine

Professor David Sinclair is a Professor at Harvard University studying aging.  His research focuses on epigenetic changes during aging, and the sirtuin-NAD metabolism, including NAD-boosters like NMN.  He coined the term “Information Theory of Aging”, which refers to how epigenetic changes cause the cells to lose information and their identity, contributing to the aging process.  […]

How to Properly Treat Thyroid Disorders, Especially Iodine Deficiency and Hypothyroidism

Many people are deficient in iodine, often without knowing it.  In fact, if you don’t take high-dose iodine supplements or don’t eat seaweed regularly, it’s very likely you are deficient in iodine, despite having a “normal” blood test or TSH levels.  Not getting enough iodine can undermine health in a myriad of ways, causing symptoms […]

Longevity Ingredients: Glycine

Summary Glycine has shown to extend lifespan in different species. In humans, higher glycine levels are associated with heart health, combating inflammaging at the cellular level, and supporting glucose metabolism.  How glycine can slow down aging Glycine is the smallest amino acid in our body. Glycine plays various roles in health and aging. High levels […]

Spermidine Alternatives For Longevity And Anti-Aging

Spermidine is gaining more popularity as a supplement to slow down aging.  Spermidine is an interesting anti-aging supplement, with various scientific studies supporting its effects on longevity (R,R,R).  Spermidine is mainly known for its ability to induce autophagy. Autophagy is a very important process to keep our cells healthy and young.  Spermidine also has other […]

Altos Wants To Reverse aging – And They Are Not The Only Ones

Altos is a company with high ambitions: they want to address aging. Even better, Altos wants to reverse aging.  That would mean making old people younger again.  This might sound strange or counterintuitive.  But sooner or later we will go towards a society where aging can be substantially slowed down and even reversed.  People would […]

What Are The Best Omega-3 Supplements? A Guide

Omega-3 fatty acids are very important for proper health. They reduce inflammation and are required for optimal immune, heart, eye and brain health.  That’s why various health organizations, including the World Health Organization, recommend consuming sufficiently high amounts of omega-3-fatty acids.  Unfortunately, many people do not take in enough omega-3 fats, often even when consuming […]

“Life Force” by Tony Robbins | Scientific Book Review | Longevity, Stem Cells & Health

How to live longer? And how to improve your stem cell health? The book “Life Force“, written by Tony Robbins, Peter Diamandis and Robert Hariri, wants to answer these questions. This critical scientific overview of “Life Force” explores some of the topics covered by Tony Robbins, including stem cell therapies, nutrition, and achieving optimal health. […]

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